Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Learning and Sharing

Last Tuesday, a CALL expert Hala Fawiz visited us at the English Department, to share and discuss ways in which we can introduce blended learning in our classes at U of K. The meeting was really great here are some pictures.

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Berta said...

BRAVO, the two Halas at work.
Congratulations to both of you for sharing such wonderful time together. Hala Fawsi is very dear to me as we were together in BaW 2006, which seems ages ago, ha, ha.
It is great Hala S. that you are becoming another expert in Call in your country. There is a huge digital divide in Venezuela and it is our job as EFL teachers to help out our students to introduce them to the wonderful world of collaborative web 2.0 tools and narrow that difference among them. I suppose it is similar in Sudan, is it?

All the best and you ARE a great blogger, Hala S. ;-)
CariƱos, Berta in Caracas