Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The 21st century skills

This is a post which I send to a google group I was invited to join by Heather Baba from Tesol Arabia. The google group is called "Learner Independence SIG" at
[Hi everyone
After watching the video put by Mark, I realized that 10 years ago the
skills needed by our students in the Arab world and Africa were
different from those needed by most of Europe and USA students. But
the gap between these students is closing down the same skills are
need all around the world. Why is this? I think this is due to
globalization. Do you agree with me? Do we share the same problems in
education in our schools. Do our schools kill creativity? In Sudan
defiantly the answer is yes. In the kindergarten children are very
creative, they are allowed to express themselves but as soon as they
enter primary school discipline kills creativity. I think this
problem is very much related to our culture .
While bogging I found a very interesting blog
that gives a list of 21 century skills needed by student. ]

By the way the video Mark posted is entittled " Are our schools killing creativity" at

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