Friday, April 4, 2008

Are we a third world country?

During the last DVC at the American Embassy one of the participant excused herself for not using technology by saying that we are a "third world country". most of the other particpants were very angry for her description. I though a lot about what she said and I discoverd that we can be a third world country if we choose to be. A member of the English Department went to his home village in Southern Darfur which was burned down as a result of tribal conflict. He brough with him pictures of destruction and loss but among the pictures was one that attracted my attention and I asked him to if I can put it in my blog. It is a picture of a burned house made of straw with a satellite dish. So are we a "third world country" unless we choose to be !!!!!

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Gabriela Sellart said...

Hala, I absolutely agree with you. I live in Argentina, a country not stricken by civil war, but by corruption, crime, inadeguate economic policies, undernourishment, extreme poverty, etc. However, I'm still here (as many other teachers are) trying to make contact with the diversities and similarities we can discover online, and most important of all, trying to encourage my students get into contact with this diversity, learn with others and become autonomuos.
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