Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tessa Woodward's plenary speech

Today we had a great plenary speech in day 1 of IATEFL Harrogate by Tessa Woodward.Enjoy

Africa Networking at IATEFL Harrogate

"WOW a lot of Africans are in IATEFL this year" this is a sentence which I kept hearing yesterday and today in IATEFL. A lot of Africans are able to attend IATEFL this year because the British Council has done a great job of offering full sponsorships for so many teachers from Africa to attend the IATEFL conference this year. It was a great feeling to see teachers from different countries of Africa meeting , talking, sharing and networking. We even decided to start our own mailing list in Yahoo as a start, so it could be developed into a forum or a bigger association. I was given the job of starting the yahoo group which I started already and trying now to send invitations to my fellow teachers of mother Africa. It is a great feeling.