Monday, June 14, 2010


Is teaching two hours per-week of English language for a class of 250 students enough? This is a question we keep asking ourselves everyday when we go into our classes. This is our dilemma, students do need English language in their academic study and even when they graduate. But how can we teach them in such a limited time and how can we make these large classes learn English language. These are the challenges that face us everyday. But what is so positive about our teaching situation is that our students are really motivated to learn English.
I become so angry when I meet other teachers at the university who start accusing us for the poor level of our students. We inherit these students as false beginners from the general education system. I just wonder how did get a pass mark in the General Education Certificate . Limited time,large multilevel class, lack of resources these are all reasons that make it impossible for us to improve the situation of English language at U of K.

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