Friday, January 11, 2008

Introducing my self

My name is Hala Nur I am a new blogger. I have taken Vance Stevence advise for being a blogger before using blogging with my students. I live in Sudan the largest country in Africa ridden with many troubles ( South and Darfur). My teaching experience is around 19 years but I feel with blogging I am just starting.


Loreley said...

Don't worry Hala, we have to start somewhere. I felt exactly like that last year when I started my own blog (for Methods II at the TTC). Later on you become confident and enjoy the ride.
I have also convinced my hubby to create a blog about Antarctica (he's living there for a year) and he made it! So anyone can do it, you just have to relax and enjoy, everything is possible.
See you around,

Jen said...

Welcome, Hala!! I have been blogging personally for about 1.5 years and started with the idea of learning about blogging before starting to use the tool with my students. It's definitely been good to wait and my first classroom blogging experience just this semester is starting off well. Jen from EVO